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Giving to the community is a key principle in the success of all Canadian credit unions. Heritage Savings & Credit Union Inc. share a common vision of working together to strengthen our community. And we all understand the importance of contributing time, talent and funding to initiatives that directly benefit communities across Canada.

But at Heritage Savings & Credit Union Inc., we’ve committed ourselves to being the best corporate citizen we can be – by putting our words and commitments into action.

For over 57 years, Heritage Savings & Credit Union Inc. has been focused on making a difference in people’s lives by supporting the causes and charitable events that really matter to them – supporting hundreds of causes ranging from healthcare to sports to education.

The communities where our members and employees live and work are important to us, and we’re committed to their ongoing strength and vitality. But giving back to the community involves more than just setting up a series of policies or promotions. We’ve developed community giving practices that are comprehensive, wide-ranging and incredibly successful because we work closely with our community partners to support them on every level.

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